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Learning by doing

The Assessment Center is a modern recruitment event designed by Astek to integrate top junior talents into its business management teams. It’s a special moment to gather all the information on the Group, to project oneself in its future responsibilities of a Business Manager and to exchange with the leadership in a more informal way.

Put yourself in the shoes of an Astek Business Manager

Project yourself in role-playing games

Share with our leaders to understand our stakes

Start your journey with us

Recently graduate from an engineering or business school, attracted by challenges, endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit and very good communication skills ?

Business Manager manual

Business Managers are involved in the group’s strategic development by coordinating tripartite interactions between their clients, their consultants and Astek. Their daily lives are punctuated by the detection of projects with high added value, the recruitment of new talents, the coordination of their team and the financial management of their profit center.

Business development

Recruitment & team-management

Profit center management

They talk about it


Business manager

“Role-plays are an original way to conduct job interviews. They were really related to the position of Business Manager that I currently occupy: learning to present a candidate to a client and think about the strategic issues of any industries.”


Business Unit Director

“We get to know Astek from the inside thanks to the special exchanges with the group leaders. It helps not only to have a better vision of one’s future job but also to understand the Astek’s vision. Vision I now share with pleasure.”


Business Manager

“Before the event I dreaded the exercise and didn’t know what to expect. However, it was a living experience full of rich interactions thanks to feedbacks shared by the directors of the Group. It really gave me confidence for the following steps of my recruitment.”


Business Manager

“The event is designed to showcase us while working as a team without any bad competition. We all contributed to the good atmosphere, we got along very well between participants who I now call colleagues and even friends.”

Course of the event

After being selected by our dedicated recruitment team, you will be invited to our next Assessment Center.