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Growing Together

To co-opt means get involved in our development, help each other, trust one another


who better than you could carry our values ​​high and detect the future talents that will join us?

You can become a Group ambassador by participating in collaborative recruitment: co-optation! Recommend to the Group’s recruitment teams a person from your network who is open to new professional opportunities.

Co-optation, our vision!

In your network, there is necessarily someone with the Astek Mindset, who can work within the Group and meet our challenges! If your acquaintance joins the group, you will receive a bonus as a reward for your participation in the development of our company.

Co-optation lasts all year long!

My friend, my graduate mate, my neighbor, etc.

I co-opt

We seek every day men and women from engineering schools or universities (Bac + 5 is required), who like you, combine technicality and well-being, fun and performance! From young graduates to seasoned professionals!

Recruitment team


Our yearly challenge: CoopDays!

Every year, we organize a big contest to grow the Astek population thanks to the talents within your network! The winners become Astek’s ambassadors and receive high-end gifts!

The next challenge has already started, join us and coopt your network using coopdays@astek.fr

Co-optation is very pleasant, first it’s very pleasant to receive a friend at work, introducing him to the ecosystem thant could be his soon! Plus, I did enjoy bringing her on the planet Astek and last but not least, I’m happy to be part in the developement of the Group. And I am very pleased with the bonus as well, everyone should be happy!

"Pierre, one of many participants of the 2017's contest"

Astek employee

Co-optation continues even after the contest is over!

I co-opt