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6 reasons to come and meet us

Looking for a new role? Whether you’ve seen an interesting job ad or want to send us a speculative application,
you should know that we are committed to the following values

astekvalue: Availability

Is your calendar full to the brim? We understand. Astek will see you at a time that best suits you.

astek value: Responsiveness

Want to hear our decision quickly? We carry out each stage as fast as possible. You could soon be part of our team.

astek value: Discussion

Want to discuss your career hopes? So do we. Astek encourages discussion and likes to meet prospective candidates.

astek value: Daring

Not been accepted for a role? It's sometimes an issue of timing and not skills. Feel free to apply again in future!

astek value: Empathy

Had enough of killjoy recruiters? We guarantee we’ll be friendly and upbeat!

astekv value: respect

Is there something unusual about you? We believe difference means opportunity. Astek supports diversity.

2 minutes to apply, 2 weeks to join the team

Take the plunge

Many job opportunities, speculative application, cooptation.

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